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Trying to get your skin summer ready? Topical hydration is essential.

For all the time the old adage exists urging you to drink more water, some may think drinking few extra glasses of water is enough to provide inner hydration to the body and outer hydration to the skin. But the fact is your skin needs external sources of hydration too. So why are topical skincare products so important?

Water is involved in every type of cellular process in your body, and when you’re dehydrated, these processes run less efficiently. Therefore, it is important to keep adequately hydrated. However, our body is constantly striving for balance (homeostasis) and therefore programmed to eliminate anything it has in excess. Look at our earlier article about Retinol Recycling.

When you drink water, it goes into your bloodstream and gets filtered out by your kidneys. Ultimately, some hydration to your skin cells will be provided, however this is a slow process with a very low yield. Topical skin hydration is faster and more direct. Our hyaluronic Hydration Booster hydrogel attracts water deep into the skin layers as well as the top layers thanks to its double sized hyaluronic acid molecules.

The Water Myth.

Drinking more water than necessary is not particularly recommended. Drink more water and you will simply get rid of it in urine. In fact, the main function of your kidneys is to make sure that water loss out of your body equals water intake. If kidneys don’t work properly and if water intake exceeds water loss, then you will start retaining water and every day you will accumulate more and more until you start to see swelling in your feet and legs. This is the problem people with heart failure and kidneys disease experience - they accumulate water because they cannot excrete it from their body. These patients need to actually restrict their water intake to prevent fluid retention and fluid overload. 

“One Size Doesn’t Fit All.”

Another myth is how much do we need to drink per day. 2 litres? 6-8 glasses? The truth is every individual is different. The conditions you live in, how much you sweat, your size, your activity level, what you eat, etc all affect how much water you lose from your body on daily basis and therefore how much water intake you should have to replace this water loss.

Furthermore, when it comes to skin hydration, many studies conducted on this topic clearly show that drinking extra glasses of water does not equal increased water content in the skin. Some studies with excessive water consumption (which is not recommended under normal living conditions), showed just a very marginal water increase in the skin.

Topical products, such as our Hydration Booster, that attract and bind water within the skin layers are therefore the fastest, safest and most effective way to hydrated, supple skin.