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How To Keep Your Skin Happy In a Heat Wave.

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How To Keep Your Skin Happy In a Heat Wave.

The current heat wave sweeping through most of the Europe and UK already saw temperatures past 40 degrees Celsius in June. If you are living through the heat wave, you might have noticed changes in your skin – from dryness, dehydration, dry patches, rashes, burns to overly oily skin.

Skin hydration is key for a radiant complexion and maintaining the natural barrier that protects against harsh external elements, such as summer heat. We’re here with some need-to-know tips to help you achieve healthier, smoother, brighter and more hydrated skin:

Dos and Don'ts For Hydrated Skin.


  1. Invest in a dehumidifier – a secret weapon for dealing with dry skin. These household tools can help maintain the ideal indoor humidity range of 30 to 50%. Incorrect humidity levels can cause havoc with your skin. Also beware of air conditioners. An air conditioner is not designed to maintain a balanced humidity level, and in fact can dry out the air too much if used for prolonged periods.
  1. Consider switching products up with the seasons.
  1. Make Some Changes to Your Makeup Routine. Some makeup products can be tough on dehydrated skin, so you may want to make a few changes to your makeup bag. Try introducing water-boosting ingredients such as glycerin, squalane and hyaluronic acidfor improved skin hydration.
  1. Bear in mind that some medical conditions lead to dry skin, including: Thyroid disease, Menopause, Diabetes, Poor nutrition)
  1. Make time for relaxation and sleep. Research has shown that too much stress can affect our skin health. 
  1. Use a face mist or spray. A face mist is a great way to cool your skin when you’re on the move. It can soothe irritated skin, hydrate it, brighten your complexion and make you feel fresh and revived. You can try decanting our Hydrating Toner into a handbag-friendly spritzer bottle for an instant uplift – extra tip: pop the spritzer in the fridge over night, to deliver instant colling during the day. From hyaluronic acid, glycerin, panthenol, raspberry and rosa damascena flower water, to aloe vera leaf juice, our hydrating toner is packed with ingredients known to reinforce hydration and fight the effects of sun exposure.

  1. Use products, such as our Hydration Booster, containing ingredients that attract and hold on to water known as humectants – eg. hyaluronic acid, glycerin. To rejuvenate your skin and restore hydration, we have paired these super hydrators with healing immortelle extract, aloe vera juice and regenerating red algae extract.


  1. Shower in hot temperature water.
  1. Don’t forget your sunscreen.
  1. Don’t smoke & limit alcohol intake.
  1. Don’t use products with fragrances as these can irritate skin. One of the biggest consequences of dry, dehydrated skin is an increase in sensitivity, as dryness and dehydration are precursors to sensitised skin. 
  1. Don’t skip evening cleanse and use gentle cleanser, such as our Nourishing Cleanser. Squalane, allantoin and glycerine protect the skin’s natural hydration balance while extract from aloe vera calms and soothes away skin irritations. A powerful blend of vitamins (A, E, C, B5) nourish and combat the effects of environmental stressors. Neroli oil (distilled from the blossom of the bitter orange tree) maintains skin’s elasticity.