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Algae is not new to the skin care industry, but as natural skincare evolves, we are continually discovering new species, sustainable harvesting practices, and the many ways it benefits our skin and the body. At Albiva, we use a combination of micro & macro algae extracts to deliver a balanced and rich composition for your skin nutrition, protection and suppleness. With clinical trials behind our two actives, we highlight the unique benefits of these powerful ingredients known as super food for skin.

There are nearly 73,000 reported species of algae and the benefits of each species are unique in their own way.  Our brown algae from Brittany (Alaria Esculenta) is sustainably sourced and Ecocert & Cosmos compliant. Its unique composition of glycolipids, fatty acids, sterols, vitamins E and C, proteins & phycopolysaccharides improve metabolic activity of cells, protect against oxidative stress and free radicals, stimulate hyaluronic acid and prevent collagen and elastin degradation resulting in more firm, smooth & hydrated skin.

In the trials of this active*:

85% found an improvement of the skin grain

85% found an improvement of the skin tonicity

90% found an improvement of the skin firmness

70% found an improvement of the hydration levels

To further reinforce our brown algae’s unique, natural abilities to hydrate and repair your skin we combine it with oceanic marine micro algae (Cylindrotheca Fusiformis) extract. A powerful anti-wrinkle active‚ stimulates production of structural skin proteins collagen and elastin. It is highly concentrated in carotenoids‚ essential fatty acids and sterols. Because of the risk of pollution in the sea‚ our producer grows the micro algae in a purpose built eco facility. The microalgae is cultivated in the photosynthetic filed, in closed photobioreactor. This not only guarantees purity of the algae but also means that the eco balance of the oceans are not disturbed by uncontrolled harvesting. The algae give off gases that are harvested to heat the facility and it is powered by solar panels to give a low carbon footprint. This is the length we go to in order to bring you the highest quality, purest ingredients available on the market.

Whether your concern is dry skin, fine lines, acne, inflammation or hyperpigmentation, the healing benefits of algae for skin are numerous. It not only protect the skin from external stresses such as pollution, air conditioning, weather (wind, sun, cold) it also tackles internal factors such as cell ageing, dehydration, cell communication dysfunction, elastase and collagenase activity to repair and nourish the cells from within, giving you an enviably healthy glow.




*application twice a day for 28 days of 1% concentration, tested on 20 women from 35 to 60 years old with a lack of firmness on skin, controlled by dermatologist, self evaluation