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Try Before You Buy

To celebrate today's World Clean Up Day and to reduce waste and unwanted purchases we are offering you free samples to try. Simply DM us on our instagram page @albiva.wellness or send us an email to

We are committed to reducing our waste and apply environmental, ethical and social consideration to all we do ensuring our products are as sustainable as possible. To find out more, click on the interactive butterfly mark on our website, or read bellow what world without waste means to us - published at

"Reducing waste is one of the core principles at Albiva. As a natural brand, we take the nature’s own model as an inspiration. In nature, there is no waste. Every organism, molecule and particle provides an environmental service during and after its life. We therefore challenge our understanding of waste and work with suppliers with the same ethos. As an example, the seeds from our cold pressed perilla oil are used as a bird feed, the manufacturer of our marine algae extract harvests the gasses produced during the growth stage to heat the factory, our gemmotherapy extract is cultivated in an eco facility reducing waste with controlled inputs. We utilise the whole raspberry fruit – raspberry water for the basis of our products, raspberry seed oil for massage and powdered raspberry seeds for exfoliation during our facial treatments. ‘World without waste’ for us is an ethical and ecological principle, a goal and a vision which we believe as a society we are capable of achieving."