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Unlike Everyone Else: Benefits Of Raspberries For Skin

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Unlike Everyone Else: Benefits Of Raspberries For Skin

Many of you are asking why did we replace virtually free, distilled water in our products with expensive organic raspberry water?

We don’t do formulas as everybody else. You may be surprised that distilled water (aqua) makes up 85% – 95% of many brands products. Distilled water is not an active ingredient, and only a 10% concentration of water in the outer layer of skin is necessary for softness and suppleness in this part of the epidermis. 

Our signature COSMOS certified organic raspberry water (Rubus Idaeus) is a powerful active ingredient. The raspberry plant is known to have plentiful medicinal properties. Raspberries are rich in anthocyanosides, providing high antioxidant levels to help fight cells ageing. The leaves have been used since ancient times as a skin softener. They can contain up to 10% tannins as well as several organic acids, flavonoids and vitamin C. The fruit contains polyphenols (anthocyannins) and vitamin C but also vitamins B1 and B2, provitamin-A and various trace elements.

We wanted to turn the traditional cosmetics formulating on its head, and do things differently. If many products out there contain 85-95% distilled water and you take out emulsifiers, fillers, fragrance, preservatives, there is hardly any active ingredients left. 

ALBIVA products contain 91 – 97.5% active ingredients! Just to give a glimpse, our ECM Advanced Repair Brightening Serum contains 92% actives & is formulated with 59.15% organic raspberry water, 5% Ceramides Complex, 3% Lepidium Sativum +7 Swiss Alpine Plants Extract, 2% Niacinamide (vit B3), 2% Spilathes Acmella Extract, 2% Carthamus Tinctorius Extract, 1.4% D-Panthenol (vit B5), etc.

We wanted to create multi-functional, concentrated products to deliver all the nutrient your skin needs for that healthy, natural glow.