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Beauty In Simplicity

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Beauty In Simplicity

Shifting Habits

With many of us working from home and swapping social engagements for evenings in, we’ve re-focused where we’re spending our time and effort. The amount of makeup we’re wearing, and the time we’re spending on it, has reduced (82% of us are wearing less and 56% prefer a more minimal look). There has been a huge shift towards skin care as we are spending a lot more time looking after ourselves. In turbulent times throughout history, our beauty routines offer a welcome escape. Skincare offers us sanctuary and a powerful psychological boost, making us feel confident, nurtured and in control. Facial cleansers, moisturisers and eye creams have seen a huge surge and we’re looking for more multitasking beauty products. At Albiva, our ‘Buy Less Buy Better’ ethos bring you formulas that deliver more than one benefit with each use. 


Beauty in Simplicity

A large trend to take the beauty world by storm in 2019 was a stripped back skincare regime, with 28% of us reducing the number of products in our routines.* Moving away from multi-step routines further accelerated as a result of the Covid pandemic as we are noticing the benefits of pared-back routine. At Albiva we believe skincare routines do not have to be complicated to achieve healthy and glowing skin. We believe in creating fewer, multi-functional skincare products with more intense active ingredients.