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As we have celebrated the World Environment Day and the World Oceans Day this week, the world turned its focus on ecosystem restoration and protecting biodiversity. As a brand, we are not only committed to reducing plastic in our products, we go beyond. Management of natural resources and their conservation for future generations is why we source ingredients that are grown and harvested sustainably. We believe consumers should be moving beyond natural ingredients and seek out products that minimise the environmental footprint.

Natural Is A Trend, Responsibility A Mindset

We believe in redefining the concept of responsible beauty through advanced science and biotechnology. And to do that, in order to move forward we need to look back into the nature. As they say, looking back is not a step backward.

Rewinding back to the origins of life, some of the oldest life forms on Earth, micro algae have been able to go through millions of years of evolution and survive vastly different environmental conditions, which has made them extremely resistant, high in antioxidant compounds and nutrient dense. These tiny photosynthetic plants are able to turn energy from the sun into sugars and proteins, absorbing and converting carbon dioxide in the process and expelling oxygen. To protect themselves against inhospitable environments, physical damage, biological distress and UV radiation, microalgae developed powerful defence and repair mechanisms. These ancient mechanisms make them truly valuable for skincare.

Using advanced science we can utilise these ancient micro algae mechanisms to turn them into natural cell biofactories and extract active ingredients that are innovative and bioavailable. Moreover, using the latest biotechnology we can grown micro algae in photobioreactors, minimising environmental impact and making sure our oceans are protected from over-harvesting, while guaranteeing the highest quality. Clean, green, natural, sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients – at ALBIVA we believe in harvesting the power of nature whilst respecting the environment and its biodiversity.

Whether your concern is dry skin, fine lines, acne, inflammation or hyperpigmentation, the healing benefits of algae for skin are numerous. It not only protects the skin from external stresses such as pollution, air conditioning, weather (wind, sun, cold) it also tackles internal factors such as cell ageing, dehydration, cell communication dysfunction, elastase and collagenase activity to repair and nourish the cells from within, giving you an enviably healthy glow.

You can read further on the 4 different algae extract  we use in our ECM Advanced Repair Range and their benefits to skin in our previous blog post: MARINE BIOTECH: ALGAE SKIN BENEFITS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT