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The 5 Foundations of Healthy Skin

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The 5 Foundations of Healthy Skin

What does healthy, well-functioning skin really need? Cut through the noise and constantly changing trends to focus on the basic, foundational needs of every skin. Read on to better understand how healthy, radiant skin can be yours.

At Albiva we believe skincare routines do not have to be complicated to achieve healthy and glowing skin. We believe in creating fewer, multi-functional skincare products with more intense active ingredients. 

Foundation No. 1:  Cleansing & Exfoliation

The cornerstone of every good skincare routine (am and pm), cleansing is essential to removing impurities, product build-up, bacteria, pollutants or free radicals that prevent skin from regenerating. The trick is to remove the offending dirt and sebum but without disturbing the skin's natural moisture barrier. Good skin cleansing routine can maximise all the effort you put into your skincare regimen. Our ECM Advanced Repair Nourishing Cleanser has been specially formulated to keep your skin barrier healthy. This soap and sulfate-free rinse off formula retains the balance of the skin’s pH leaving it nourished, hydrated, supple and soft, yet thoroughly cleansed. Much like cleansing, exfoliation also preps the skin to better receive products that follow.

Foundation No.2:  Hydration

The hallmark of healthy skin is always hydration. Hydrating the skin increases its water content. Water is one of the basic building blocks of heathy skin cells and indeed water is important to nearly every bodily function. Hydration is what makes the skin appear supple and taught, bouncy and radiant. Lack of hydration will typically be the first indicator of distress – the common signs are: skin that feels tight, flaky, or may even look red and irritated, breakouts or excessive oil production. Our hydrating toner has been formulated with the master hydrator,  hyaluronic acid and our Hydration Booster also contains small and larger hualuronic acid molecules, aloe, red algae and natural sugars, all natural humectants that increase water content in skin cells.

Foundation No.3: Regeneration/Protection

Whether it is helping to strengthen the skin barrier, treating active breakouts or addressing hyperpigmentation, serums are product that can help in treating the problems you want to address. Targeting specific skin concerns, such as skin firmness with Albiva’s ECM Advanced Repair Contour Serum or skin dullness / hyperpigmentation with our ECM Advanced Repair Brightening Serum, serums are made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. 

Foundation No. 4: Deliver Moisturise

Confused about moisture and hydration? Whereas hydration is about water, moisture is about oil. Important for hydration, any good moisturiser should contain a combination of hydrating (humectant) ingredients that will draw water molecules into the skin and more occlusive ingredients to seal that hydration in. Albiva’s ECM Advanced Repair Nourish & Heal Moisturiser is packed with anti-inflammatory extracts and ingredients that help soothe and repair and is ideal as a night moisturiser, or an overnight mask when applied in thicker layer. Our Lift & Firm moisturiser delivers hydration as well as plethora of active ingredients which tackle skin firmness. Both packed with potent botanical oils and fatty acids to support healthy skin. Quick Tip: If you are using facial oils, they don’t draw water into the skin like an ideal moisturizer does, but they can help keep it in your skin. Therefore use your oils on top of, but not instead of your moisturiser.

Foundation No. 5: SPF

As a last step in your day-time routine, use broad-spectrum SPF even on cloudy or rainy days. Related Reading: Sun Protection: Why Are We Still Getting It Wrong?