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Why should you care about pH in your pursuit of healthy skin

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Why should you care about pH in your pursuit of healthy skin

When balanced to its natural pH, your skin is working to its optimum. You might be surprised to learn that a healthy skin pH is slightly acidic, with average pH around 5.5.  Using highly alkaline or highly acidic products causes disruption in skin’s pH. Products that are too alkaline can cause drying and decreased hydration, leading to eczema flares and potentially highlighting signs of aging (like fine lines, wrinkles), while highly acidic products can cause sensitivity, redness and inflammation. 

Skin’s acidic pH is one of its key protective mechanisms, also playing a role in keeping its delicate microbiome balanced. A balanced microbiome in turn makes it more difficult for harmful bacteria to grow, thus protecting us from infections.

We can help to support skin’s optimum pH with healthy lifestyle choices, a regular skincare routine and by using products that respect skin’s natural pH and maintain its protective barrier.

At Albiva we believe in the significance of pH balance, both in formulating products that work effectively on the skin and in maintaining healthy, radiant, youthful skin. Therefore, pH is a major focus for us and all of our products are specifically formulated within your skin’s natural pH range.

Albiva’s tip to maintain healthy skin and balanced skin pH

Wash with gentle cleansers

The pH of your cleansers matters because highly alkaline products (pH above 8), can be too drying and stripping for your skin. Soaps tend to have highly alkaline pH, therefore do not was your face with soap, unless specifically formulated. When your skin barrier is compromised, it can lead to bacterial growth, which can cause acne and dehydration, which leads to wrinkles. When the pH of your skin is balanced, it should look smooth and hydrated. Our ECM Advanced Repair Nourishing Cleanser is not only pH balanced, but also has been formulated avoiding ingredients such as artificial fragrances and sufates which can disrupt your skin barrier.

Use a skin toner

A skin toner can help neutralize any remaining alkalinity that’s adversely affecting your skin’s optimal pH levels.

Use a pH balanced moisturiser.

 Although pH levels are important to overall skin health, taking care of your skin with correctly formulated products on regular and consistent basis is what your skin needs to stay at its healthiest.