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Why Organic Skincare Is Better For You And The Planet.

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Why Organic Skincare Is Better For You And The Planet.

As we celebrate Soil Association’s Organic September campaign, this year’s theme #NatureHasTheAnswer shines light on many benefits of Organic Farming and Organic Ingredients – especially when it comes to food and beauty products. 

The beauty industry isn’t regulated in the same way the food sector is. A product can have as little as 1% organic ingredient in it and claim to be organic. That is why we publish the total % of certified organic ingredients in our products on our website and on our packaging.  

Further, our accreditation from Positive Luxury with Butterfly Mark ensures our products meet the highest levels of environmental practices and social ethics. To certify us, the whole process was reviewed ranging from ingredients selection, product processing and manufacturing, all the way through to environmental management including packaging and labelling.

Nutritionally Different

Organically grown plants were found with up to 68% more antioxidants than non-organic and also containing lower concentration of pesticides and the toxic heavy metal cadmium. However, we go step further, and alongside certified organic ingredients in our ECM Advanced Repair range you can find purposefully grown ingredients utilising the latest biotech such as our Gemmotherapy safflower extract. The safflower plants are grown in a special eco-pods where all the environment is controlled (air, soil, water, nutrients) ensuring the purest plants are cultivated totally free of pesticides and pollution. 

Nature Has The Answer

While ‘organic’ might have conjured up images of rustic formulas in the past, the idea that science must battle with nature on our bathroom shelves is fast becoming outdated, as some of the most innovative, high-performing brands on the market draw their technical know-how from natural processes that have been going on for millennia.

Organic - Work With Nature, Not Against It

Organic is better for wildlife, biodiversity and better for the soil. Organic soils are around 25% more effective at storing carbon in the long term and organic farms are home to 30% more species of wildlife, and up to 75% more wild bees. Organic farms have 50% more bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Organic farming and manufacturing can promote a kinder, fairer system for both people and planet. For example our certified organic extract of seven Swiss Alpine plants which you can find in our Brightening Serum, comes from a cooperative or organic farms in the Alpine region ensuring fair prices for the crops and that the farmers can remain in their villages, bring their children up there and make a living.

“The health of soil, plant, animal and man is one and indivisible.” Albert Howard






Source: Soil Association