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As we are celebrating Mother’s Day here in the UK, my thought are with all brave, Ukrainian mothers clinging to their children, carrying them to borders, sheltering them from bombs. The story of Ukraine’s war effort against a much bigger army is also a story of broken hearts and separated families. It is a tale of the silent suffering of mothers separated from their partners, running to safety with their children towards an uncertain future.


As helpless and heartbroken as I feel, I would love to raise some funds for a non-profit Nova Ukraine.

We are now taking pre-orders with 50% OFF using the code: UnitedForUkraine. All products will be made fresh to order to eliminate any waste and we will donate £5 from every purchase. With much gratitude to everyone who would like to provide support.

Ivana x

Nova Ukraine have partnered with UNICEF USA to support children and families devastated by the war in Ukraine and launched a joint fundraiser to raise $2 million to support projects that will deliver emergency aid to those who need it most. As conflict continues to escalate, millions of children and their families are in danger. Homes, schools, water supplies and hospitals have been damaged or destroyed.

Children have been separated from their families and hundreds of thousands of people have been left without safe water, electricity or water. Explosives including landmines are a daily threat to children’s lives.

Apart from helping to provide families with access to water, food, etc UNICEF is working with local governments of neighbouring countries and the UNHCR to create “Blue Dot Safe Spaces” for children and women. These spaces provide key information to families seeing refuge, psychological support, water and sanitation supplies, and help in identifying and protecting unaccompanied and separated children. The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine will continue even after this war ends, so please consider donating if you can.