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Dipping your fingers into a jar of cream is a thing of the past as we all focus on washing our hands to prevent transmission of germs, viruses and infection.

Although creams in traditional jars contain preservatives that prevent overgrowth of bacteria and other microorganisms, they're not fail-proof.  It’s impossible to open a jar without letting bacteria in and each time you dip your fingers in (or your spatulas, unless they are sterilised after every use), you are exposing the product to microorganisms, which increases the risk for contamination. Using contaminated products can increase your risk of infections as the microorganisms are spread from the cream to your skin. 

Pump dispensers are simply the more sanitary option. ALBIVA airless pumps not only protect our products from contamination, they preserve product freshness, minimise oxidisation, offer no wastage and efficient dispensing so the contents go a long way. 

You may have seen the following headline this week: ‘Becca Cosmetics recalls mouldy concealer over allergy fears’. Unfortunately, you do not need to physically see mould in your products for the bacteria to be present. While washing your hands is useful in preventing yourself from getting infected in this Covid-19 world, having your skincare in airless pumps can be an additional layer of protection.

If you have virus (such as coronavirus) or bacteria on your hands, you can infect yourself by touching your eyes, mouth or nose (or your skin of course, if you have any lesions). You might think that you don't touch your face very often, but it's much more than you realise. On average, we touch our faces 23 times per hour, according to studies. 

More and more brands are turning to airless packaging amid the growing call from consumers and regulators for more natural and 'clean' cosmetics with less chemical additives.  Our ALBIVA formulations are unique as they don't contain any unnecessary additives. Every ingredient included in our formulations has a purpose, including our raspberry water base, creating concentrated formulas with nearly the whole formula composed of active ingredients.

But what if you love your product that happens to come in a jar? One solution could decanting the product into a pump dispenser. If you need an extra hydration boost during the day, we would recommend decanting our ECM Advanced Repair Toner into a spray bottle and spritz on your face throughout the day, which would minimise the need to touch your face.