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Positive Luxury

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Positive Luxury

Albiva has been awarded the Butterfly Mark, powered by Positive Luxury, in recognition of being a responsible brand that minimises our environmental footprint while maximising our social good. Our aim is to inspire and motivate people to make responsible choices about the products they buy. Everyday actions make a big difference to the world.

The Butterfly Mark is the first of its kind, allowing you to interact with our sustainability commitments on our website. Hover on the brand's Positive Actions to discover more. Which actions do you value? Let us know by clicking the heart.

The Butterfly Mark is a guarantee for customers that a brand is committed to social and environmental sustainability and we are honoured to be part of an exclusive group of luxury brands that care about our world and future generations.

What luxury means to us and how we relate luxury to sustainability?

Luxury is emotional. A luxury item is an item that we invest in so that it remains in our life rather than a quick, low cost fix that we will need to rebuy within weeks or months. Guided by one of my grandmother’s favourite sayings: “We aren’t rich enough to buy cheap things, my mantra is ‘less is more’ and ‘buy better, buy less’.

Luxury is about savouring something that we don’t have to keep buying and exploiting our resources, finance or the environment.  It means that rather than filling up your bathroom with items that may end up being thrown away, you have one beautiful, useful item that you can use and love for longer and with more appreciation each time you do. Investing in our luxury skincare products means that every drop is utilised due to our innovative airless pumps. You also don’t need to use as much of these products as they are rich in powerful active ingredients. These higher quality, organic, cold pressed ingredients are more ecologically friendly.

We believe the thread of luxury needs to work from the ground up, through the ingredients, the formulations and the packaging. Albiva was developed with focus on quality, transparency, authenticity and innovation, valuing quality across craftsmanship, materials, processes and design over quantity. We make sure our ingredients and materials are responsibly sourced and preserve natural habitats, support local economies and provide communities with work. We believe luxury nowadays is experiencing something truly unique, such as our unique formulas that we spent 2.5 years carefully preparing and tweaking to deliver rare and special experience.