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To celebrate today’s World Environment Day, we have teamed up with Nc'nean, the first fully organic distillery in Scotland creating experimental spirits and pioneering sustainable production. 
Between us, we will be gifting one lucky winner a bottle of their Botanical Spirit along with three of Albiva’s raspberry water based products - ECM Advanced Repair Balancing Toner, Revitalise & Contour Serum and Lift & Firm Moisturiser. The winner will also unlock the recipe to a raspberry inspired cocktail to make at home.
I met Annabel, founder of Nc'nean, late last year and spent many an hour discussing natural, organic and environmentally friendly approaches to business – you’d be surprised how many similarities there are between distilling and skincare.
Just like me, Annabel set out do to things differently: "We use our own pure spring water. All our energy comes from renewable sources. We recycle waste heat through the warehouses. Our left-over grain feeds the cows on the farm. Nothing is wasted.” 
We have both set out to build sustainability into our business strategy.  I believe we are at a crossroads. There is a growing awareness of environmental issues, that affects us all. This past year, from the Australian bushfires, to current Covid-19 pandemic has made people realise the fragility of human biology, and in turn we are realising that our environment is vulnerable to human activity. We can either choose to ignore the learnings and continue on the path that we were on prior, where existing ways of doing business survive, or we can embrace the opportunity for change by using the resources and efforts that will be put toward recovery to choose and support systems that help us move forward. 
For the chance to win, please follow our Instagram accounts: @ncnean and @albiva.wellness, and tag two friends who you think might want a look in too.
T&Cs apply. UK & European entries only. Over 18s only.
The competition will run for one week and winner will be contacted directly.