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Help Us Offset The Carbon Footprint Of Your Purchases

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Help Us Offset The Carbon Footprint Of Your Purchases

As many countries around the world celebrate mother’s day today, we honour our Mother Earth. As a business we always strive to do better and we are excited to partner up with Greenr to allow you to offset the carbon footprint of your purchases. Simply select the option at the checkout, and we will match you 100%.

What is an offset?

While there is a significant amount of work going on to try and reduce or avoid carbon emissions altogether, for now the only answer to minimise your carbon footprint is to offset your emissions or avoid carbon intensive activity. By doing this you can ensure that whatever is emitted in connection with your actions is then being recaptured. We can recapture the emissions by planting trees, maintaining rainforests, re-fertilizing the oceans or investing in carbon capture technology. All of these methods take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

Greenr is a team of friends who realised a way that tech could make a difference in helping us all be better consumers. At ALBIVA we encourage responsible consumption and have designed our hybrid formulas to be multi-tasking and long-lasting, as we encourage our customers to buy better, but less.

From reforestation, protecting natural woodlands and habitats, implementing projects that deliver the combined benefit of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving socio-economic conditions for target communities or projects focused on establishing sustainable livelihoods through technical assistance and support for transitioning land use to agroforestry systems for sustainable cocoa and coffee production, Greenr connects you with tried and trusted, certified offsetting projects both locally and from around the world. By investing in these projects, we can restore our natural world and combat climate change together. To read more on various carbon offsetting projects we will be supporting, click here.